Thursday, March 13, 2014

Cookie Love

I think it is no secret that I love cookies.  I am pretty sure everybody who knows me realizes that within me resides a cookie monster.  If I were at the fanciest restaurant in the world and the dessert choices included gourmet masterpieces such as souffles or tarts or other Epicurean delights, I would still choose cookies if given the choice.  If given the choice between flowers and cookies - cookies would win.  If given the choice between fancy chocolates and cookies - cookies would still win......but I would see if I could still keep the fancy chocolates! I think you get the picture.
So today when my son walked in the door from school and said he had a present for me, I was immediately excited.  A present? For me? It didn't matter what the present was - a present from my son makes my heart melt instantly. Just thinking about him thinking about me, and bringing something just for me, brings tears to my eyes.  It fills my heart with love. I mean - what is better than a present from your son?! I will tell you what.....
A present from your son that is a box of cookies! Oh my gosh! COOKIES!  I bet you will never guess what I am having for my late night snack tonight!!! Bring on the glass of milk.  Cookie Monster is here!

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