Tuesday, March 25, 2014

OH....So That's Weightlifting

My son has gotten up early every morning to go workout with me. We have been doing weightlifting and let me tell you - my son's version of weightlifting and my version of weightlifting are incredibly different.  Evidently my version includes "baby rattles" and my son's version includes gigantic heavy weights.  I have been following him and doing every machine he does immediately after he is done.  He does his set and then I have to move the pin that holds the weights from somewhere around the 300-400lb mark to the embarrassingly tiny 20-30lb mark.  My son - maxing the leg extension machine.  Me - "is there a no weight option?"  The most embarrassing one was an assisted pull up machine.  You kind of climb up onto this ledge and then the machine rises to "Help" you do a pull-up.  My son had to keep increasing the counter weight until.....the machine lifted me to the ceiling.  Okay - so I am definitely not ready for any weight lifting competitions BUT I did learn a LOT about form and how to adjust the machines to fit my body.  I am so much better already.  This morning when I adjusted all the weight machines by myself, I felt really proud.  I walked with my head held high- I can DO this!!!!  Now just turn your head while I take the pin out and move it up to 20lbs.  Gotta start somewhere!!!!!

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