Saturday, March 15, 2014

Any day that ends with cake is awesome!

Today we had puppy families visit their sweet little furry family members.  This is always an awesome time for the puppies.  They get to meet lots of people and get a ton of attention and endless hugs and snuggles.  They soak up all the love they can and then by the end of the visit - every puppy looks just like this
I have to scoop them up to bring them back inside for a good long nap

The puppies were all zonked out within seconds of coming inside
I had just enough time to make it to my niece's baby shower.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres even came with me!  Everyone knows what the best part of a baby shower is.  Certainly not the baby gifts........
Mmmmm a medley of homemade carrot cake deliciousness!
I got home just as the sun was setting and as soon as I walked in the door, my son asked me if I wanted to go on a sunset walk with him.  He was home watching all the doodle doggies while we were at the shower and had them ready for an evening doodle hike.  Of course I said yes!  As soon as we got near the back field....the bald eagle flew over our heads!!!!  I am pretty sure he was my reward for slopping through the muddy field in the dark.  
Thankfully the moon came up and lit a path home for us.  Puppies, Bald Eagle, moon-filled night hikes.....and cake!  That is an awesome day!

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  1. Today was fantastic! Thank you so much for making time for us!


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