Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Locked in Solitaire

Sigh. It is THAT time of the year again. The dreaded time of the year.  The time where I must lock myself up in the office and get ready for tax season. It takes me forever to do our taxes.  It is really hard for me and requires all my concentration and all my mental abilities.  I cannot multitask or come up for air or even think about anything else.  It is probably the hardest job I face each year.  It is just an arduous task that takes a level of painstaking attention to detail AND it is no fun.  I mean NO fun.  There is not one thing I enjoy about doing taxes. I have however learned to start my taxes about a month early, which is why I began my UNfun job today.  That way, no matter what, I will get them all done on time with minimal stress.  I spend about one week solid on our business tax preparation and then another whole week on personal taxes.  Today, I began.  I went upstairs early and I just came down the stairs with my hair all pulled out and my eyes all fatigued and hardly a single step of exercise for the entire day. When I walked into the kitchen to start dinner......what did I see?
Mr. Yesteryear Acres already making dinner AND.......
a bouquet of flowers!!!! Awwwwww.  What a nice surprise!!! Gosh - even on the  dreaded start the taxes day, happiness abounds! This gives me just the motivation I need to go back upstairs and get my job done.  Taxes - I am ready.

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