Saturday, March 22, 2014

INTERNET! Where are you?

UGHHHHHHH! ARGGGGGHHHHHH! I AM SO FRUSTRATED!  I literally spent my entire vacation day trying to get the wi-fi to work. I missed a whole day with my son and in the end… resolution.  The server is incompatible with my apple ipad.  They tried everything. I tried everything.  I have logged on and off and rebooted and logged in and NOTHING.  So for this entire week – I cannot access my emails.  I cannot read them, answer them, or help with puppy questions. I am SOOOO sorry.  I am borrowing a computer each day so I can at least get to my blog site and get that published. I don’t want my blog to be completely full of I CANNOT GET MY EMAILS but that is how I feel.  I am frustrated and sad and feel like I am letting everyone down by not being able to respond.  Please know that I really care and I wish I could quickly respond to my mail.  I promise that I will answer every email as soon as I get wi-fi.  Technology……love it when it works…….and when it doesn’t….TORTURE!  Again – so sorry!

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