Saturday, March 8, 2014

Work before Play

I am 100% the kind of person that always does work before play.  You can't just go out and have fun when there is work to do.  Work always has to come first.  If and only If -  all the work gets done --- THEN it can be time to play. My son wanted to go walking early this morning and my to-do list was a mile long.  There was just absolutely no way I could go.  I rattled off about a dozen things on my to-do list to which my son countered with about a dozen excellent reasons why I should join him. His number one argument was that the weather was only going to get worse and at that moment, the ground was semi-frozen and it would soon turn to a giant mud pit. He did have very insightful points, but I was still sticking to my guns.  That is when he pulled out the argument that won.  He said he would help me the rest of the day to get my stuff done.  I told him that I had the entire house to clean. I had to vacuum and dust and do laundry and clean the bathrooms and clean the puppy bedding. He still agreed! I have to say that is probably his least favorite job in the world and the fact he agreed to help me do one of my least favorite jobs made my day! Yea!!!  My cleaning time was instantly cut in half!  AND I got to go on a fun walk with some of our doodle doggies
The doggies were REALLY excited that we went for the early morning hike

They said my son always has the best ideas

The weather was perfect for a doodle hike

My son is the master of the "invisible" leash

The doodle doggies can run for miles and with one small call from my son

They all come running back with happiness.
My son is good that way - spreading happiness cause....
I got to go on a long walk
my house is super clean!
Play before work???? Sometimes that is the best idea of all!

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