Sunday, March 9, 2014

4 Year Blogiversary

Today marks my 4 year anniversary of writing my blog.  In the past four years, I have never missed a blog posting. Neither rain nor sleet ... in sickness and in health...I write my blog. Why am I so devoted to the daily blog writings? The answer is simple -  Because I said I would and I always follow through on my word. Four years ago it occurred to me that it is pretty hard to really know someone based on just a few brief emails and website photos.  I am asking families to trust me in raising their new furry four-legged family member and this is something I take very seriously.  There is nothing like the love of a doggie and I want people to know that I feel that love and that responsibility down to my very core. I thought, maybe if I write a little blurb each day about life here at Yesteryear Acres, it would provide insight into how much we care.  We could share how devoted we are to our furry best friends and for our love of life. And so on March 9, 2010 I wrote my first blog post. Since that day, my blog that kind of started as a peek into our doodle doggies blossomed into a kind of open diary of our life here. I have really enjoyed writing each day and I love getting feedback on my posts.  I have received so many nice emails and comments - and I have to say that is really my favorite part.  I love that my writings make people smile and laugh and sometimes even cry.  Because that is what life is.  A mixture of happiness and sorrow.  Things that go right and things that don't. The never-changing and always present constant is the thread of love that weaves through each and every day.  I hope that not only have I provided a glimpse into our daily life here at Yesteryear Acres but also shared how devoted we are to our doggies.  We are the kind of family that puts our doggies first, we are loyal, honest and work very hard and through it all, we love each other and our doggies with all our hearts. We feel blessed each and every day and are grateful for our beautiful life here at Yesteryear Acres. Thank you for allowing me to share our beautiful doggie-filled life with you.


  1. I read your blog every day. I love your positive attitude. Thanks for being such a wonderful person.


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