Monday, March 10, 2014

Hey - Who Took My Hour?

I would just like to say - I would like my hour back. I know it is only one teeny little hour but I want it back! When my alarm went off yesterday morning, I wanted to go right back to sleep.  That feeling didn't leave me all day and this morning - I still wanted my hour of sleep back! The puppies however, weren't fazed at all. They were happy to see their play day extended by one full hour of sunshine. More play time for them! Yay!

Ummm...I don't like stepping in mud! 
We don't care!!!!

Let's play tag!!!

We didn't say FREEZE tag!

Come on! Follow me!

Whew!  All this running around has me tuckered out.

Leaf Plow!!!!

Ha Ha Ha! You are it!

Birdie's goldendoodle babies are now one week old

Aren't they so adorable?

Awwww. Snuggle Buddies!
Happy Monday!

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