Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Puppy Picture Monday was of course - full of adorable puppy pictures. What you didn't get to see were the outtakes.  All the pictures I took TRYING to get a good group photo. 996 pictures later and not one single picture of all the puppies smiling at the same time.

Okay Pups!  Let's get together for a group picture!

Everybody line up

Like this?????

I want to be in front.  No wait - Let ME get in front

But we don't want to smile at the camera!

Hey!  Did you see that leaf?!!!

I guess it is just down to the two of us to do the group pose 

Why do they always sit on me?

Ummmm Ms. Green Waves is playing leap frog!!!!!
Pbbbbt! That's what I think of picture taking!

Heh Heh Heh - I am going to stick my tongue out when she takes the picture!

Picture Taking! HA!
Hey buddy, we know it is you with the photo bombing nonsense

WHAT! I've been caught?!  Drats!
I'll be good.....



  1. How adorable - which batch of pups is this? Holly's?


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