Friday, March 7, 2014

Not EXACTLY what I was thinking

This afternoon Mr. Yesteryear Acres came upstairs to check on me.  I looked like this
Notice the hair pulling.  Notice the deep dark circles under the eyes.  Notice the crazed look. Notice the MASS amount of papers!  The poor trees!  I am killing trees and more trees just to get my tax paperwork completed. As I was bemoaning the killing of innocent trees, Mr. Yesteryear Acres said I HAD to go outside.  I was needed.  My son was waiting for me by the pond and I needed to get out there.  OH!  A surprise!  A break for me in the sunshine!  How thoughtful!  I couldn't wait to see my surprise of happiness! So I put on my mud boots and my coat and made my way out the door.
This is what awaited me
Cutting back the cattails around the pond.  Ummmm what?  That is the big surprise?!  Mr. Yesteryear Acres said that the pond is still frozen and it won't be that way for long so today is a GREAT day to cut the cattails. We can stand ON the pond and cut them with ease.  Sooooo not EXACTLY what I was thinking when I thought of the "fun" break from taxes. 
Here's my son proving the pond is completely frozen and safe for all the "fun" cattail removal activities. 
I am pretty much making you jealous right now.  I know.  The amount of fun is almost too much to bear.
Evidently....cattails are delicious

Notice my son's attire.  Short sleeved T-shirt.  And yes - that is snow on the ground.

I have on a winter coat AND gloves! It is clearly NOT spring yet!

Even though it is trying hard!

All I can say is that if Mr. Yesteryear Acres calls me to the sink, I am running the other way.  He can't trick me twice in one day. OOOH do you want to wash a couple of muddy doggies????  I think I will pass on that one!

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