Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Saddest Goodbye

Sigh. Double Sigh.  After a mere 2 hour visit with my daughter, I have to turn around and drive all the way back home.  Winter Storm Titan is not going to wait.  We have up to a foot of snow and severe ice storm headed our way and it will make driving home tomorrow way too dangerous so I need to drive back today. Not only am I sad as I barely had time to see my daughter but I am so sad because I have to take her doodle doggie Blossom back home.  I am usually SO good at saying goodbye.  I do everything possible to be upbeat and to NOT cry. I mean I am the mom of a marine and it is my duty to hold it together.  I think of everything under the sun in order to keep my tears at bay.  I always wait until I am out of sight before I allow the tears to fall.  This is not easy for me because I will cry during a Hallmark Movie.  I will cry during a coffee commercial.  I definitely will cry when I watch the doggie commercial where the soldier comes home to greet her doggie that missed her so much.  I mean come on!  I can only have so much strength! My daughter is usually very good with the quick non-teary goodbye but this time - the goodbye is just too much.  Saying goodbye to her bestest buddy Blossom is unspeakably difficult.  So now, here I am, in the car, with a doodle doggie's nose pressed against the back window crying for my daughter, and my daughter standing in the driveway with the tears falling down her face crying for her I slowly drive away.  I only hope I will be able to see the road through all these tears. My heart breaks for them both.

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