Friday, March 28, 2014

Happiest Family

This vacation week I have heard the same compliment over and over again ....."you are the happiest family". Complete strangers have come up to me and have said that I am always smiling or laughing and that it looks like we have such a great time together as a family. I always thank them and say that yes we do have so much fun together and yes I am always smiling because I am that happy. This week we had a lot of things planned and almost every single thing has been cancelled. We have seen SO many people complaining about how that isn't fair or that they have nothing to do or how miserable they are because of the weather. Not me. What good does it do to be miserable? If I were to be miserable would that suddenly make the sun appear? I don't think so. Instead we just come up with a Plan B. Can't go outside? Good time to learn a new game. Read a book. Talk about life plans. Times spent together are precious and I am not going to waste them complaining about things I cannot change. Instead we have made new friends, have had endless talks, and have started hilarious board game tournaments. We have made our own fun and have enjoyed every minute. The best part is when other people let go of their disappointments and join in and end up having the time of their lives as well. Happiness and enjoyment can be a state of mind. I am just so grateful to be blessed with such a loving family and a happy life filled with love that being miserable is never an option. I am lucky to be surrounded by loved ones that feel the same. And to all our new friends that have joined in the fun...... The next Apples to Apples tournament will begin in 5 minutes. Get ready!!!!

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