Sunday, March 23, 2014

Wi-Fi.....How I miss you

Wow!  I definitely and completely miss having the internet.  I feel so disconnected.  I can’t email Mr. Yesteryear Acres. I can’t find out how things are at home. I can’t tell him about my day. Even worse, I can’t get his adorable “I’m thinking about you” emails.  Sigh.  Tomorrow I am going to go try to find a cafĂ© somewhere that has wi-fi.  I don’t think I can last another day without an update. I hope I have luck!  Other than being totally frustrated with being cut off from the technological information age – I feel lucky to have this time to spend with my son.  I take each moment with him and treasure it.  Each time we laugh, each time we do something together – it is a moment I hold deep in my heart.  I know that soon he will be leaving the nest and I won’t have a chance to do these things with him again for a very long time.  So for now – I am enjoying the complete and utter joy he brings to my life and feel so very lucky to have a son as awesome as mine.  He makes every day an awesome day!

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