Friday, March 21, 2014

Road Games

My son and I hit the road and it wasn't too long before we were playing our traditional road games.  I was kind of thinking that he might not be a willing participant considering he's 17 years old but to my happy surprise he did!  My first clue that he was going to play along was when we crossed the first state border.  We always have a race to see who will cross the state line first.  We stick our hands all the way to the front of the dash, my son shoves his feet as far as they can go and it is an all out war to see which person will reach the furthest to cross the line first.  It is almost always a tie but every once and a while, the conversation is so interesting that someone will miss the big state line sign.  As soon as we hit West Virginia, and right in the middle of the bridge, my son was stretching as far as he could - it was on.  This was followed by the alphabet road sign game, the geography game and then the "I went to the grocery store and I bought apples, bananas, celery..."  The time just flew and our road trip was awesome as always.  Popcorn. Check! Music. Check!  Endless "I FOUND THE LETTER Q!" CHECK and CHECK!  Happy times!!!!

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