Wednesday, March 12, 2014

No Boots Required

Oh my gosh, yesterday was like heaven outside!!!! The sun was actually shining!  The birds were singing! It was warm and sunny with bright blue skies and just walking outside made my heart smile.  I ran inside to put on REAL SHOES!  This is only the second time since November that I have worn something other than winter boots or rubber mud boots.
My feet were so light and happy!

Grits do you want to go on a walk with me?

Can I bring a friend????
But of course!!!
We decided to take a drive and walk somewhere withOUT mud puddles.  I am so sick of mud! 
Oh my gosh!  Walking in real shoes feels so fantastic!

We were running with joy!

The doggies thought it was nice to stay white for once!

Happy Doodle Doggies!

Happy me!

The doggies even climbed to the top of the observation tower

Congratulatory hugs are the best

We walked a full five miles

Can you tell?
Hopefully this will hold us over until the next time we can go walking without boots.  Given the rain/ice/snow/wind storm we are having right now and the 60* temperature drop from may be a quite a while! 
Sigh - back to the mud boots again!

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