Thursday, March 27, 2014

So Happy So Sad

This morning my son and I were supposed to go kayaking.  I love kayaking and I love being with my son.  We had planned our kayaking day trip months ago.  It was going to be the big highlight of our trip together.  When we woke up, let's just say the weather was less than balmy.  I described the weather as brutally cold and dreadful.  My son said it was brisk. His definition of brisk is exactly the same as my definition of "oh my gosh it is so cold that I can't feel my toes and my nose is running and my teeth are chattering and I am one step away from dying of hypothermia."  When we planned our kayak trip for the end of March - we expected spring type weather.  You know - windbreaker kind of weather.  We definitely were not prepared for a Nor'easter parka wearing kind of weather.  So this morning when the arctic air hit my face, I kind of wanted to cry a little.  I kind of wanted to run away back home and hide under my covers.  I asked my son if he would be mad if we cancelled our adventure.  He said something like no and no and no and unacceptable and it would be a trip to remember.  Ugh.  So sad!!!! I simply did not have enough layers to survive sitting in a wet kayak with the wind splashing the water on me and cold water running down my arms.  Brrrr.  I almost got hypothermia just thinking about it.  Sadly, I started putting my layers on.  Just as we were leaving, the phone rang.  The person on the other end started apologizing profusely but they were so sorry.  The kayak trip had been cancelled due to high winds and extremely low temperatures.  I turned to my son with tears in my eyes to tell him the news.  He looked heartbroken.....So Sad. Little did he know, my tears were tears of joy!  So Happy!

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