Friday, March 11, 2016

Bring on the Feast!

My younger daughter and I got a very late start yesterday but we had so much fun on the drive that we arrived at our hotel very last night without even realizing 5 hours had passed by.  It was a really fun drive full of in depth conversations and lots of laughter.  This morning we were quick to check-out of our room and we were back on the road.  We didn't even stop for breakfast as we were anxious to get to our destination.  We did however fill up on some much needed morning coffee!
5 hours down ....5 3/4 more to go!
The drive didn't fly by quite as quickly as it did last night but we made good time and had one final stop.  
I think we managed to stock up on every type of snack food my daughter might need on her field deployment. Fruit snacks - check!  Almonds - check! Fig bars, Kind bars, breakfast bars...check check and check.  We also got all the fixings we needed for the weekend of homemade goodness.  We have arrived!  We have unloaded the SUV, we are settled in, the chicken is in the oven and now all we need is for my 1st LT to arrive home. Let the weekend begin!

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