Wednesday, March 2, 2016

New Format

I have been struggling with getting the correct format to publish when I share my blog on social media sites.  For some reason for the last 2 weeks my blog picture often posts as a broken image icon. I have tried everything and it still keeps happening. I have been editing the HTML coding within the blog template and still - the broken image icon prevails.  Last night I edited the HTML code to the point where I could not revert back and had messed up my entire page.  It was really frustrating so I started all over again with a brand new template confident that would fix the open graph coding that is not right within the Blogger template.  I finally found a template I liked and re-edited the HTML to include the open graph coding. I was super sad to have to switch from the old template that I have been using for the past 6 years! My old template is no longer available so I had no choice.  So here is the new Blog look.  Should I change it?  Does it look good?  And most importantly.......
Does it work??????!
Hopefully everyone can see my blog link
the cute Doodle picture
(please....oh picture of a pencil with a broken image!)

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