Sunday, March 13, 2016

We were leaving but.....

My younger daughter and I were supposed to say our goodbyes today and head back home.  We spent all day yesterday laughing and eating and chatting and more laughing and had the very best time being together.  I got to meet my older daughter's boyfriend and spend time with him and we also had a very good close family friend of ours here with us and it has just been perfect.  We were supposed to leave this afternoon can we say goodbye?  It is too hard!  We need more time!  We need more time for laughter.  We need more time for togetherness.  We need more time for family.  And so, it appears, we are actually not in the car right now heading for home.  We are getting ready to make some homemade noodles and have one last big dinner together and soak up every second we can.  Tomorrow morning at 0500 - we will all leave and go our separate ways, sadly waving goodbye until we are together once again.  For now, pasta time!

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