Tuesday, March 29, 2016


It happened.  I saw the whole disaster unfold in front of me in slow motion as I yelled, "Nooooooooooooooooo!" I could not stop it from happening.  I dropped my phone.  Surely you are thinking, "that is not a disaster!" BUT what you are missing at this point in the story is WHERE I dropped my phone.  I dropped my phone in a big bucket of......dog poop.  Not even cute puppy poop but giant blobs of fresh wet Mommy Dog poop. And my phone didn't just rest on the tippy top of the bucket of dog poop.  Noooooo. It sunk.  I saw just the little pink case sticking out and the rest of the phone was submerged in wet stinky poop. Of course as I was retrieving my poor phone, it started ringing.  "Smello?" How about no! I couldn't answer my phone.  I could barely touch my phone.  All I could do was hold the very tiny corner that was still pink while listening to Mr. Yesteryear Acres laugh and laugh and laugh.  My case is now soaking in gallons of disinfectant.  I am relegated to an entire day of the worst poop phone jokes you can imagine.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres is having a field day with his poopy phone rhetoric.  I have heard everything to the above mentioned "Smello" to "Have you changed your ringtone to fart sounds yet?"  You are welcome Mr.  Yesteryear Acres.  I am very happy my stinky poopy phone brings you such joy. Just remember when you fall asleep tonight on the couch, you might just awake to find a new snazzy "pink" case on your phone while mine magically has a new sleek black case replacement!  "Smello!!!!!!!!"

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