Sunday, March 20, 2016

Nice to See You Again

When my son was younger he raised a brood of orphaned ducklings. He was there when they first hatched and his little ducklings followed him around everywhere he went.  They were inseparable.
They were the cutest little ducklings
They took walks with my son every day
Once the ducklings got bigger, it was time to set them free

It was really sad for my son to let them go

He loved those ducklings so much
The ducks stayed in the pond and visited my son every day until they were adults and then one by one they flew away.  
The very next Spring, we were so surprised to see a pair of the ducks return to the pond. His ducks were back!!!!!!!  Now every spring that same pair returns.
If you look closely by the very back of the pond, my son's ducks are happily swimming and getting ready to settle in for the Spring.  
Hello sweet duck friends!  So nice to see you again!
Welcome home!

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