Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Thank You for Everything

In life there can be streaks of days where absolutely nothing goes wrong and at the same time nothing particularly noteworthy or exciting happens either.  It is just your typical Wednesday or Thursday or what have you.  It is easy to plod along on a day like that and not think much of it.  Wake up, have coffee, catch up on the news, do work, eat lunch, more work and so on.  Today started out as one of those days and then after lunch, my computer that holds all our finances and tax software decided to show me the blue screen of death.  There it sat, blinking blue with very little hope of resurrection.  I felt all the blood drain from my face, I felt my world go off kilter, I felt my knees buckle.  Noooooooo! Please Nooooooooo!  I think I may have said, "oh please oh please oh please" repeatedly for over 25 minutes while I diligently worked on the safe mode repair and miraculously, just like that, my computer came back to life with every file intact.  All I could say was, "thank you computer."  And then I thought about how if I had turned on that computer and it responded right away, I probably wouldn't have said, "thank you computer." It is so easy to live every day with so many conveniences and sink into the habit of forgetting to be thankful. So today, thank you computer. Thank you refrigerator for keeping my milk cold.  Thank you faucet for giving me water.  Thank you microwave for warming up my cup of coffee.  Thank you phone for allowing me to text my daughter. Thank you tractor for making farm chores work a little easier. Thank you cookie bag for still having cookies inside. I really love cookies! Thank you for everything. Amen.

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