Monday, March 7, 2016

Tell Us a Story

Truffles puppies continue to get more adorable every day.  They are a super lovable bunch and happily follow us everywhere.  If you happen to sit down on the floor......don't be surprised to have a lap full of puppy love!
"Mr. Yesteryear Acres.....tell us a story!"

"Once upon a time,

there were 10 little puppies

who were so sweet

they listened to stories

and came when they were called
and went potty outside like good little puppies 
And they were so well-loved and lived happily ever after."
That was the best story!!!

We loved it!

We will give you kisses of appreciation
because we are good kissers!
We like the "we are so sweet" part the best 
Tell us another one! 

And make sure you add the part about us giving good puppy kisses!
We love that part!
That was great! 
Can't wait until tomorrow when he tells us a story again!
Stay tuned for Maple's Puppy Picture Story tomorrow!
Happy Monday!

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