Thursday, March 3, 2016

Sometimes a Blanket is all you need

Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I did not dress appropriately for the sudden drop in temperatures.  It is hard to gauge exactly what we need to wear as the weather has been so inconsistent.  We have worn WAY too many layers and have spent the majority of our farm chores time peeling off our winter clothing as we are soaked with sweat.  We have also spent our farm chores freezing and shivering from not wearing enough layers.  It has been a tricky winter! Well yesterday the temperatures continued to drop while we were outside and neither one of us wanted to stop what we were doing to go grab warmer layers.  We just kept plodding away.  When we finally came inside, we were both super cold.  We ate lunch but still couldn't warm up.  We then did something we never do......we took a break!  We turned on our electric blanket, crawled under the blanket and watched a 30 minute TV show in the middle of the day!!!!  Oh my gosh - the blanket was heavenly.  The break was heavenly.  We found ourselves covered with doodle doggies and kitties and we all were warm in no time.  Once we warmed up, we put on the right amount of layers, went back outside and got all our farm chore work done in record time.  Sometimes a blanket (and a few furry best buddies) is all you need!

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