Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Happy Puppy Day!

I received some wonderful emails and photos today informing me that today is "National Puppy Day!"  I am grateful to everyone that let me know because I definitely would have missed the big day!  I have been so wrapped up in tax week, I haven't taken the time out to play with my sweet puppies like I normally do.  We have a few Truffles puppies that won't be going home until this weekend so we thought it would be fun if they wished everyone HAPPY PUPPY DAY!!!!
Here are their puppy wishes for you.......
"We hope you get kisses.......

even if you don't want one"

"We hope you have someone who will run with joy to see you"

"and help find what you lost"

"And most of all, we hope you have a furever friend to be by your side"
Happy Puppy Day!

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