Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tuesday Puppy Picture Happiness

As promised, here are this week's adorable Puppy Pictures.  Truffles puppies will soon be going to their new homes.  They are just the cutest sweetest bunch and we will miss their darling little faces.
Truffles puppies are doing great with their housebreaking training

They know just what to do

Good little puppy!

Play time!

So many things to do!

Like taste crunchy leaves!

and pose like a lady

Don't forget - Smile for the camera!

I like pretending I can fly

Man - all that running around tuckers me out

Can you carry me back inside?

Me too! Me too!  We all want you to carry us!
We love Mr. Yesteryear Acres!!!!
of course we can't skip out on Maple's adorable babies!

Maple's sweet girls
Kisses and.....



Maple's sweet boys

Such sweet faces

I like scratches behind my ear
Psssst - Wanna hear a secret
You make a good pillow 
Time to go back to bed
Happy Tuesday!

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