Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Doodle Loving Geese

I think we must have the bravest geese ever to be found. To say we have many deterrents against a peaceful place to raise a brood of goslings would be an understatement. While we don't specifically set out to disturb the geese, life here is very active and our four-legged family members love the outdoors. On any given day, this is the Doodle Happiness that can be found around our pond
Our Doodle Doggies love to run around the pond and happily play fetch and go swimming and splash around with complete and utter disregard for any waterfowl friends.  
Still....the geese remain.
Our horses love to run through the field and are often found galloping through the beloved treasured nesting spot. If you look closely you will see
still the geese remain

Our farm cat Dottie takes it as her sole duty to patrol the perimeter of Yesteryear Acres keeping it safe from any would-be intruders and yet
still the geese remain

Here are two of our waterfowl friends this morning, happily taking a quick dip in the pond before they go back to nest sitting.  There are three very large eggs just waiting to hatch so they can join the flock.  It looks like there may be another nest or two out in the horse pasture.  We have many geese friends.
Welcome to Yesteryear Acres.....home of the Doodle Loving Geese

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