Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Sleeping Beauties

Today's blog is the story of 11 Sleeping Beauties........
Maple's Beautiful Double Doodle puppies are now 2 weeks old.  Their little eyes are just starting to peek open.  They are a snuggly bunch of heavenly sweetness!
Girls on the left and boys on the right

A sleepy bunch of cuties

Look at those faces

I love the little one sleeping in the middle

You can almost see all 11 faces in this picture

Close-up picture of puppy love

Happiness is........

a lap full of puppies

They make every day

a day filled with love

and peaceful joy

Sweet Dreams my sleeping beauty


  1. Hello, I ran across your site while searching for a new puppy and was trying to find out what you currently have available. I read 1 male and 1 female still, but no fit her details. Also, I couldn't find your location, which could possibly rule it out completely. We live on the west side of Rochester, NY. Please let me know. Thanks, Dan

    1. We do have available puppies, feel free to email me at yesteryearacres@gmail.com and I will be happy to give you all the details.


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