Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Work, Work, Blue Screen, Work, Work, Blue

This is the week I work on our taxes.  Bri is home for Spring Break so she is doing all of my regular work, while I lock myself away with piles of receipts and paperwork and coffee.  So far my day has gone like this: Work, Work, Blue Screen of Death, Work, Work, Blue Screen.  My. Computer. Hates. Me.  I have no idea what is wrong with the computer.  It has almost NOTHING on it.  No emails, no files, no pictures.  The only thing I use it for is finances and the only reason I have it is because my business tax software does not run on a Mac computer.  I have seen the blue screen of death about every 5-7 minutes today. I have managed to get everything back each time but my frustration is continuing to rise with each blue screen appearance.  I do not want to go buy another useless computer.  This one is less than one year old.  Argh.  My day equals - mix one part of something you hate "taxes" and add in one part of the other thing you hate "computer failure" and spend all day with that. I am sure before the evening rolls around, I will be forced to go spend money on another worthless computer so that I can continue my tax work joy. Until then....work, work, blue screen, work, work.

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