Thursday, March 10, 2016

Heading South

My older daughter got word that she will be sent on a field deployment for the next few months so I am heading south to say my goodbyes. I won't hear much from her or see her again until this summer. I am definitely going to miss talking to her!  I feel like she just got back from her long deployment. I made a list of everything I need and my SUV is pretty much loaded and ready to go. I have just a few more things to finish on my list before I hit the road.  I am going to drive halfway tonight and then finish the drive early tomorrow morning.  The best part of the whole trip is that my younger daughter is coming with me!  She has the weekend off from her work so we will be traveling buddies.  As soon as she gets off of work today, she is driving out here and then we have a few last things to do and our road trip shall commence.  We have menu planning and grocery lists to make once we are on the way, because of course we will be grocery shopping before we arrive so we can make a gigantic goodbye feast.  I am thinking homemade noodles and roast chicken and cookies and cake and ice cream.  We will definitely have a food feast.  Dear older daughter of mine......See you TOMORROW!

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