Thursday, December 15, 2011

Carrier Pigeon....I mean Doodle

I am sure many of you thought the days of using the good ole carrier pigeon for sending messages was a thing of the past.  Probably hasn't been too much use for them since the end of World War II but we here at Yesteryear Acres have evidently revived the good ole message system using a new and updated and improved messenger.....the Carrier Doodle!  What is the Carrier Doodle Dog? Well even I did not know how great of a messenger the Carrier Doodle was until last night. My younger daughter was in the living room wrapping Christmas presents and my son was working in the kitchen.  My daughter sent our Carrier Doodle to the kitchen with a bundle of trash and a note for her brother to throw the trash away. Of course my son sent the Carrier Doodle back to my daughter with a note saying "NO!"  Well this started the back and forth - let's give the Carrier Doodle messages and notes - game for the next hour.  In walked the Carrier Doodle with a funny note and then would proceed to drop the note on my daughter's lap.  Out went the Carrier Doodle with the reply. Back and forth.  At one point our Carrier Doodle carried out a dinner plate with "MAKE ME A SANDWICH" written on it.  Evidently son was hungry for a snack. A return message that my daughter wanted a snack was urgently dispatched.  What was the reply to that you ask????? In ran our faithful Carrier Doodle carrying a tangerine. She plopped the unblemished, although slightly damp, tangerine on my daughter's lap. My son and daughter were cracking up the entire time. It was a great game for them but do you know who enjoyed the game even more?  The Carrier Doodle!  Oh my gosh - she had the best time running the messages back and forth.  She could hardly wait for the reply so she could run and deliver the important correspondence.  She is anxiously awaiting her next urgent Carrier Doodle job. Yesteryear Acres Carrier your service!

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