Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wrap Wrap Wrap Wrap

We have used a lot of tape here today at Yesteryear Acres!  Lots of Christmas wrapping going on.  I am stuck in a recliner chair with presents next to me and a roll of wrapping paper. I kind of unroll the wrapping paper on my lap, put the present on top, cut the HUGE piece out, and then fold/crumple/crinkle/mangle the huge edges of wrapping paper down and then tape them all shut.  I use a lot of tape.  When I am done with my package - it kind of looks like perhaps it was at the bottom of the sleigh.  Under the bag of gifts. After it got run over by a reindeer.  Last year.    My daughter on the other hand has her paper cut to precision.  She has just the right size paper for the right size present.  She wraps her presents with minimum tape.  She aligns the snowman head so that it matches up to the snowman body on the seams.  The picture is a seamless crisp wonder.  The plaids match up.  Santa's beard is right where it should be. The mistletoe looks like mistletoe.  She is extremely talented in the gift wrapping department.  She must get it from her Grandmother.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres' mommy can wrap a present like a professional.  You have never seen such precise crisp corners.  Her bows are perfectly formed.  Her packages have beautiful envelope sides.  They are a work of art in themselves. I guess when we open our presents this year, everyone will know, in advance, which presents came from me.  I don't really need to put gift tags on! The uniqueness speaks for itself! One thing I know for sure - with all that tape - those presents will stay securely wrapped until Christmas morning! Scissors please!

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