Monday, December 19, 2011

To YOU ....Love Santa

We had a lot of fun taking the new puppy pictures today.  With so many helping hands the puppies had the best time and we were all cracking up thinking of good captions for the pictures.  My older daughter came up with a photo caption for every single picture.  She was making us all crack up! When you read the captions, be sure to read them in a very HIGH PITCHED puppy voice! That way you can get the full effect. Today was an important picture day. We needed "Santa worthy" pictures because some of the photos will be placed under Christmas trees this week. My older daughter gift wrapped a collar complete with Christmas bows so the puppies would look their best. It is too cold at the North Pole for Santa to take care of the puppies so of course we are happy to help him out. 
"Can you put me in the stocking on the mantle?"

"Can I play reindeer games with Rudolph?"

"I smell Mrs. Claus' cookies!!!!!!"

"Santa! Can I help wrap the presents?"

"Santa.....I am sorry... I drank all your milk"

"Can I be Gift-Wrapped?"

"You are Saint Nicholas to MEEEE"

And this is what happens in between every picture taken. Awwwww. 
Sweet Puppies make Happy Holidays!

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