Thursday, December 8, 2011

Why Look.......It's Olive!

My son's chocolate labradoodle Olive has recently learned a new trick.  My son of course thinks this trick is hilarious.  My son of course thinks his Olive doodle doggie is the smartest doggie in the entire world.  My son is praising Olive for her brand new, let's do this again and again, trick. What is Olive's new trick? Opening doors. Yes, Olive can open doors.  You are probably thinking, "OH WOW! That is an awesome trick!" Well you are wrong.  Do you know why you are wrong?  Let me share.  Let's say you are.....going to the bathroom. Alone. In peace and quiet.  Maybe you want to read the latest People Magazine. Maybe you just want to go to the bathroom.  Next thing you know, "Why Look.....It's Olive!"  Let's say you are in the SHOWER. Alone. In peace and quiet. For the small infinitesimal part of life you can call your very own. Next thing you know, "Why  Look......It's Olive!"  Isn't that lovely.  She is sticking her head through the shower curtain just to say hi! Working in the kitchen, with the door closed - yes there is Olive.  Closing up the play area for the puppies - why thank you Olive.  I really DID want to leave the door open so the puppies could romp EVERYWHERE!  Yes, I see.  I see you playing with ALL the puppies. Yes, that looks like fun. Gee, thanks Olive. Olive is now opening the porch door for me. The back door. The kitchen door. I spend my day saying, "Why Look....It's Olive!"  In case you think that you got ALL your laughs in.....let me share one more sweet enduring Olive story.  This morning I was sleeping because it was 6:00am.  I like to be asleep at 6:00am.  I think all creatures great and small should still be asleep at 6:00am. So there I am sound asleep which given my broken leg is a blessing when all of the sudden...... L I C K!  RIGHT ON THE FACE! WHY LOOK........It's OLIVE!!!!!!  She opened the door to our bedroom just to say good morning. Next up --- teaching Olive to NOT open the doors.  That is the trick to learn!

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  1. My Labradoodle, Theo, taught himself to open doors when he was about 2. We now have to lock the doors going to the outside, so he doesn't let himself out - and leave the door wide open! We have changed the handles on most of the doors, but he can sometimes still open the round ones. His favorite doors to open are the bathroom - doesn't matter who is in there, and the pantry door. He likes to steal the PopTarts. The chocolate fudge ones, of course, since he is a chocolate doodle!


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