Sunday, December 4, 2011

Be Joyous

You know what is great about puppies and doggies?  They are always happy.  I think that is the very best part about raising puppies for a living.  Puppies and doggies never complain. Puppies and doggies are ALWAYS glad to see you.  Even if you were to leave a room merely 10 minutes before and then walk back in - they will almost throw you a homecoming party they are so excited.  It is always, "OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY! YOU CAME BACK!" I have never seen a single one of my puppies have a bad day.  I have never heard one complaint from any of my doggies.  They are always grateful. They are always happy.  When I feed my doggies a plain old bowl of dry dog food - they thank me as if it is Christmas morning. Everything brings them joy.  Each day I bring out a new toy for the puppies.  We have a HUGE box of puppy toys and every single day, I rotate a new toy into their play area.  Today it was a rubber octopus.  Oh my!  The joy that little red octopus brought to their morning was palpable.  I am always surrounded by many doggies when I go to "the box" - they can't wait to see what the toy of the day will be. The big doggies get "new" toys as well.  Some are so well loved, they really need to go to the big doggie toy box in the sky - but of course - those are their VERY favorites.  A trunk missing elephant, a 2 legged zebra, a headless puppy blankie - pure bliss.  I love being surrounded by happy grateful doggies and puppies.  Humans could learn a lot from them.  Cherish what you have.  Be grateful for what you are given. Never miss an opportunity to romp around outdoors and enjoy Nature's beauty. And most importantly - Wag your tails often!

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