Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mr. Yesteryear Acres on the Road

Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I were up at the crack of dawn this morning getting our sweet puppies ready for their big road trip out east.  When we originally chose this date to deliver our puppies, it was a perfect plan. We were finally going to see our very first Army vs. Navy football game.  We were going to see our older daughter run the game ball onto the field.  We were going to hang out with our midmom and middad friends at the game and go out to a big celebration dinner after the game.  It was a perfect plan. I had been so looking forward to it as this is the very last game my daughter will attend as a midshipmen at the United States Naval Academy. Of course, sadly, all those plans changed when I decided to take the doggies outside, in the rain, and then "throw" myself down the embankment and break my leg/ankle. ARGH!  I was really sad this morning as Mr. Yesteryear Acres loaded the puppies into the puppy mobile. I think he was a little sad too.  We had promised to deliver the puppies when we made plans to go to the Army vs. Navy game. We are always happy to spread a little puppy cheer when we travel to Annapolis.  Just because I could no longer travel wasn't a reason to cancel on everyone else's happy day.  Despite the fact that we would no longer get to see our daughter, or attend the big game, or spend some time together on the road, Mr. Yesteryear Acres left as the sun was rising with a bunch of tail-wagging puppies and headed east. Once he was on the road, I was really glad that he could still bring some puppy love to the new puppy families. I knew that today would be an awesome day for them AND for the sweet puppies.  It looks like it will be late this evening before Mr. Yesteryear Acres returns.  The drive is taking longer than he thought, but the puppies are now with their new families soaking up all that love. I know they are bringing some big smiles to everyone today!!!!  My smile will be here tonight......I can't wait for Mr. Yesteryear Acres to get back home. See you soon sweetie!

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