Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tree Tree Tree Tree

Since yesterday was wrap all the presents day - today can only be TREE day!  Finally!  Thanks to the nonstop dreary rain, Mr. Yesteryear Acres had to plan a short day outside doing the farm chores and the rest of the day was devoted to bringing down the Christmas boxes from the attic.  First on the list....THE TREE! YEA!  We have a big 9 foot tree and we assembled it this afternoon. We even got all the beautiful white sparkly lights on! Of course I am still not mobile, so I got the task of preparing the top section of the tree while sitting on the recliner chair, while everyone else worked on the bulk of the tree. Despite my limited mobility - I have to say the top of the tree looks fantastic!!! Tonight we are going to hang all the ornaments while we watch Elf and drink tons of eggnog.  I am glad to finally get the decorating done!  Usually we have things done long before this, but my broken ankle has really slowed down the normal Christmas To Do list.  By tomorrow I just might be able to say WE ARE CHRISTMAS READY!  I hope so because I have 3 very special guests arriving tomorrow to stay with us and I want to have everything ready for their arrival.  Christmas is coming!!!!!! JOY!!!!!

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