Tuesday, December 27, 2011

And then the celebration was over

Reality! ACK!  Who asked for it to be the day after the day after Christmas already????  What about the celebrating?  What about the leisure time?  What about sitting around and enjoying the beauty of the season? OVER!? WAH!  Today was BACK TO WORK day.  In our celebrating, we pushed some much needed chores to the side and now we faced THE LIST.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres had the list ready for distribution early this morning.  We had to do work.  We had to clean.  We had to do chores and we are still working. Sigh.  The only bright spot is that it is ALMOST time for another holiday!  So if we work really hard, it will just be a few more days and NEW YEAR'S will be here!  Time to celebrate!  Time for Leisure!  Time to enjoy the beauty of the season! YEA!  Alright work- here I come. 2011 is almost a memory.  Guess we better get the End of the Year list of "Things to Do" whittled down to size. 2012 will be here soon!

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