Friday, December 23, 2011


We had so much fun today.  My sister and her family came to visit and we always have the best time together.  We love to sit around and laugh and play games and eat good food and enjoy each other's company. We do some serious game playing here.  We don't cater to her young son by letting him win. No way.  If he is good enough to beat us - so be it.  If not - maybe next time kid!  We are serious about our game playing.  Our favorite game is Apples to Apples.  We don't exactly follow the traditional rules.  Here at Yesteryear Acres it is all about the propaganda that goes into influencing your peers into choosing your card above everyone else's.  We go all out. It is probably one of the loudest games we play.  Everyone is in it to win it.  Everyone wants their card to be chosen.  So when the descriptive card says, "Hilarious" and my nephew and son (as an unbeatable duo) play the card "Bank Robber" ... of course the immediate thought is, "I don't think so!" I said something like,  "Bank Robbers aren't funny!" To which my cute little nephew said, "They are if they use SQUIRT GUNS to rob a bank!" We all started cracking up and he said, "SEE?! HILARIOUS!" Only here would Penguins be "depressing"......."cause you would be depressed if you were the only bird that couldn't FLY!"  You can see - we all had a really good time.  We played Bananagrams and Hangman and Chinese word games.  The finale of our day was watching Despicable Me all together.  That movie cracks us up every time.  My older daughter was just like the little girl with the pink sweater and hat when she was younger and my other daughter was exactly like the littlest girl.  We almost cry from laughing so hard at the similarities.  My sister had to leave right after dinner tonight to go spend some time with my parents.  "LIGHTBULB".........we should get together more often!  I miss them already!

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