Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I am dreaming of a ......BROWN Christmas?????

The forecast for a white Christmas for the United States is unfortunately quite bleak.  We are in the NO CHANCE at all section of the Probability of a White Christmas weather map. There is actually a large section of the United States that won't see a single snowflake. What is up with that???  What happened to our beautiful white Christmas? I mean one of my favorite parts of the movie "The Christmas Story" is when Ralphie wakes up on Christmas morning and looks out the window with a "WOW!"  Everything is so beautiful and perfectly white. I guess I will have to lower my expectations.  I guess I will have to think how beautiful the world will look in a uniform color of BROWN.  As in mud brown.  As in drippy gooey muddy brown.  Hey! Kind of like icicles except instead of sparkling frozen ice crystals that spread beautiful rainbows in the shimmering sunlight.....we can have drippy brown mud glistening off of wet muddy doodle dogs.  Exactly the same!!!!! I will start adjusting my attitude immediately. I do not want to be disappointed Christmas morning.  I will think how lovely a Brown Christmas will be.  I will look forward to a Brown Christmas.  I will be dreaming of a Brown Christmas.  Ahhhhh Brown Christmas.  I think it is time to re-write some Christmas songs! Come on sing it with me now, "I'm Dreaming of a Brown Christmas......"

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  1. At least it is easier to get around with a broken ankle without snow and ice?!?! At least there is an upside.

    I'm with you though. I love snow around the holidays.


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