Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve!

Dearest Family, Friends, Puppy Families, (and Puppies, Doggies).....MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE!  This magical night that only happens once a year is a time to be eternally grateful for all your blessings.  I know I am grateful for all the loved ones in my life.  Everyone here will be tucked in for the night with the excitement and anticipation of the big day to come.  We never sleep well on Christmas Eve as we are always too excited to sleep. Christmas is always so much fun.  The feasting. The merriment. The family love. The togetherness. It makes for a perfect day.  For the longest time we have held a tradition here that our Christmas Eve is a special day just for us. We don't go out. We don't answer the phone. We have really yummy food all day long.  We spend the day playing games, watching Christmas movies, and we sit back and enjoy the tranquility of the season.  We love Christmas Eve. Tonight we will once again watch The Christmas Story as we do each and every Christmas Eve.  It is a tradition that dates back to when Mr. Yesteryear and I were just dating. We never miss watching it and each year you will find us all laughing, saying the lines together, and each of us feels to the depths of our hearts.....that all is right with the world.

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