Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Rain Belt

I know everyone is familiar with Tornado Alley, the corn belt, the snow belt, and even the rust belt but did you know that here, right here, at good ole Yesteryear Acres is....the RAIN BELT?! ARGH!  It rains every day here!  We have had an official 3.14 INCHES of rain for the month of December and it is only the 6th day of the month! We had the wettest November, the wettest October, the wettest September.  Why don't they just say it will rain EVERY DAY so we stop hoping for it to dry out??? I mean it it weren't the WETTEST November - I definitely wouldn't have fallen down the evil treacherous mudslide out my back door and broken my ankle! If we didn't have 3+ inches of rain so far, I wouldn't have finally CRAWLED up the stairs last night and get all the way to my bed only to find that yet another leak has sprung in our roof, flooding our bed once again. sigh.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres has to go repair all the slate around the chimney and fix the roof (again) if it ever dries out enough for him to climb up there.  I couldn't even believe it when our bed was soaked last night.  I mean it just won't stop raining.  I am actually used to the dogs dripping everywhere. If I saw a dry dog - I don't know what I would do! I might have to stop and think, just what kind of breed IS this fluffy cute doggie??? Mine all look like wet mops. The dogs almost dry out before it is time to go outside and become soaked all over again. And can I say that crutches and mud soaked ground are not friends! My crutches just sink and sink and sink as if I am in quicksand.  ARGH!  At this point, I will take a torrential snowstorm!  Anything but the never ending rain! Can someone please turn off the faucet??? I have run out of towels. Thank you.

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