Sunday, January 6, 2013

BIG Surprise

My younger daughter and I spent the majority of the day running errands. It was the "let's go get everything you need, last trip, last chance, don't forget" errand run.  When we arrived home, my son had spent the entire day working on our porch and kitchen. I was SO surprised!  The porch was completely vacuumed and new carpet laid out and everything was dusted and beautiful.  The kitchen was so clean, I literally almost fell over!  We have a coat rack in our kitchen that has long disappeared.  There are so many coats flung onto the rack that it nearly topples over with the slightest breeze. The coats were all gone! They were actually put in the coat room! Hanging up where they are supposed to go! We also have a ridiculous shoe and boot collection as soon as you walk in that takes over 1/4 of the eating area in the kitchen.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres and my son work outside for so many hours each day, that when they come in, everything they are wearing gets dumped into that corner and all their tools and boxes get stacked onto one section of my kitchen counter.  Each and every day, I shove their "collection" down the counter and stack it to a teetering height so that I can use my counter.  Each and every evening, they spread their farm collection down the entire length of my counter. It is a never ending battle.  Today - my entire counter was clean.  Not one tool. Not one glove. Not one battery, flashlight, WD-40 can, twine, hand warmer, roll of duct tape.....nothing.  The boots were ALL put away! The floor was vacuumed! It looks amazing and my kitchen looks twice as big. Now that is the kind of welcome home that I love!

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