Thursday, January 3, 2013

Snow Mountain Climbing is not in my future

This afternoon I had a BRILLIANT idea! I ran to share my brilliance with my daughter. "HEY!  Do you know what we could do? We could go walk in the deep snow for exercise! It will be great!"  My daughter readily agreed.  Snow walking.  Excellent idea. The freezing cold weather is just an added bonus because just staying warm burns calories and when we add in walking - we will be so in shape it will be amazing! We put on all our winter layers. Thermal layer. Check.  Fleece layer. Check.  Scarf. Check. Hat Check. Snow boots. Check. Gloves. Check. Snowsuit. Check.  100% ready for awesomeness!  We grinned from ear to ear as we stepped out into the snow covered landscape.  Off we went. Step. Sink. Step. Sink. Step. Sink.  MAN this snow is deep.  Step. Siiiiiiink.  I have never climbed our hill so slowly. I was literally gasping for breath when I reached the top.  How can this be? I have been exercising regularly! My daughter, while slightly winded, was WAITING for me. She had to do extra laps as I was THAT slow.  Every single step resulted in me sinking in the snow, slowly pulling my leg out and taking yet another slow and ever so difficult step.  After the first mile, I was totally walking in my daughter's footsteps.  I wasn't even breaking my own snow anymore and STILL I was tired.  I started pulling off layers.  I didn't need a hat or scarf or gloves or ANYTHING.  My face was so red from the exertion, I looked sunburned.  After 3 miles, my daughter asked if I wanted to do another loop. Ummmmmmm..... how about NO!  I crawled back to the house, took off all the ridiculous layers and fell to the floor.  Can I please have some water?  I am afraid I will be here laying on the floor until tomorrow.

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