Monday, January 14, 2013

No Napping Allowed

COFFEE. Oh man I need coffee today. I am so sleepy.  Everyone here at Yesteryear Acres is seriously sleep deprived.  I find myself doing that odd staring thing where you aren't really looking at anything but you can't stop staring at the nothingness.  My productivity level is seriously lacking.  Even my workout enthusiasm was clearly lacking.  I did my workout but I know I could have put forth a much better effort.  I might have to do the unthinkable today.  I might have to take a (gasp) NAP! I was raised that taking naps is something one just doesn't do. It is almost an evil thought - needing a nap.  Both my sister and I still have an unnatural fear of naps.  If I tell my mom I got three hours of sleep for the entire night- she will say, "That's good".  She never naps.  She also wakes up before the sun EVERY SINGLE DAY.  She never sleeps in.  As in never.  When we vacation together, I have to set my alarm unnaturally early for O'Dark-Thirty and she will have already been awake for hours.  I might need to actually go against my non-napping stance and just lie down for a few minutes.  Just a few.........zzzzzzzz

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