Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Okay - so I thought saying goodbye to my daughter at the airport was the stressful part of my day yesterday but noooooooooooooo I was so wrong! Last night I received a phone call from my daughter. The second the phone rang, I immediately panicked! She was supposed to be flying over the Atlantic that very minute.  Why is she calling me?
"Mommy, our plane had an engine failure so they turned it around and we are back in Atlanta."
And there she sat. And sat. And sat. On the tarmac from 4:30pm until 8:00pm.  Which meant she was never ever ever going to make her connecting flight in London. PANIC!  My daughter's school offered a group flight option for getting the students to the University in Europe.  Did I use that? NO! I found 2 separate flights on 2 separate airlines that saved over $500 and decided that we would do our own flights.  Good plan.....UNTIL THE ENGINE FAILED. WAH!  I spent hours on the phone with both airline companies and big surprise - neither one cared. In the end I had to spend money to change her existing flight reservations to the next flight departing London later that afternoon. The change fee was MORE THAN HER ENTIRE TICKET COST.  ACK!  I had no other choice.  Then to make me feel even better ....the original flight she was scheduled on for this morning was DELAYED.  So she would have actually made the morning flight!  And I spent TWO hours on the phone today with both airlines again and no one will refund my change ticket fee.  Basically they said, "You paid for a change. We gave you a change.  There is no refund for getting what you requested."  Oh gee thanks.  I feel ever so much better about paying for a change that I didn't need to pay for. I also feel awesome that my daughter is still stuck in London waiting for the late afternoon flight and I am sure she is thinking how much she loves me now that she has a 9 hour layover.......and was there.....when the original flight departed. I don't think I will breathe easy until I hear that she has made it to her final destination safe and sound.  I hope I hear from her soon!


  1. You're a great Mom, your daughter loves you, everyone is safe, we all make mistakes, this too shall pass. Go get some kisses from one of those doodle babies. It's a sure cure for a bad day.


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