Friday, January 11, 2013

My Apologies

I bet you didn't know that I possess an amazingly unbelievable super power.  I am able to control........the weather! I really am.  For instance, if Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I finish planting our 5 acre garden complete with 110+ tomato plants, the very next day, there will be NO rain.  In fact, there will be NO rain for weeks.  If I have a drive scheduled through the mountains that has to occur on a specific day, with no chance to change the date, there will be a blizzard of massive proportions.  If I wash my car, it will immediately rain, or it will sleet or hail. For sure some sort of slushy salty road mixture of precipitation is a definite guarantee.  So I apologize. Because yesterday I bathed all the doodle doggies and doodle puppies. Every doodle doggie and doodle puppy sparkled they were so clean.  Today...........RAIN!!!!!  Tons of rain. In January. Turning our backyard into a weird mixture of sinking mud holes and treacherous ice slides.  The result ....our doodle doggies and puppies say,  "OH BOY LOOK AT THE ICE SLIDE!  Let's GO DOODLE DOGGIES!  OH BOY! IF WE HIT THE ICE SLIDE JUST RIGHT, WE CAN LAND RIGHT IN THE MUD PUDDLES AND SPLASH FOR HOURS!!!!"  For every single person suffering through brown drippy muddy messy doodle doggies - I am sorry.  I can control the weather but I need to work on fine tuning my abilities.  Some day....some day.....I will get it right!

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