Friday, January 18, 2013

Happiness is sure to follow

 Today I had a nice long talk with a Doctor that I happened to have met. This wasn't a doctor appointment type talk -just a happenstance type encounter. He is an extremely well known and respected physician and we just started talking about life and life choices.  He had some tough things happen in his life and I shared with him what happened with me and my heart attack.  He said almost word for word all the things I was feeling. He was very much about living in the present and giving yourself permission to take care of your own needs. It was a deep conversation and it just made me feel good about the choices I have made.  Taking time out of each day to exercise and to eat healthy is important. Taking time out of each day to be grateful and appreciative of all the things you are given in life is important. Not taking a single day for granted is important.  Letting go of the things you cannot change and being responsible for your own happinesses is key to living a peaceful and happy life. He was quick to tell me that most people don't come back from a heart attack like the one I had.  Then he said he was really glad I made it and that I was one of the happiest, most upbeat, smiling person that he has ever met.  I thanked him and said that every day, I feel blessed and I like to share my happiness with others.  That is one of the big reasons raising puppies is so fulfilling.  Each time a sweet puppy leaves us to join their new family, happiness is sure to follow!

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