Wednesday, January 2, 2013

OH OH OH day

Tis that time of the year.  Time for.....OH OH OH day.  What is OH OH OH day? Well it is the exact opposite of HO HO HO day which is let's get everything out of the attic and put boxes all over the house and get out all our Christmas decorations and DECORATE.  So of course OH OH OH day is - let's get all the empty boxes out of the attic and go to each and every room and gather ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL the Christmas decorations and put them away until next year.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres LOVES Christmas and believe me - there is not a single room without Christmas decorations.  It will take ALL day and maybe part of tomorrow as well to get the entire project finished.  Tonight we will probably have the entire tree done and all the ornaments boxed up in their special little boxes.  Mr. and Mrs. Claus have come back inside.  The tin soldiers are back in their boxes.  The wreaths are off the doors.  The candles have been collected.  It is UNChristmas day here.  It always is kind of a bummer of a day but once it is all done - it is always a relief. Tomorrow will be the cardio burn/strength training day as all of Christmas will be lugged back to the attic.  Looks like I can eat the rest of my Christmas cookies guilt free!  OH OH OH is here!

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