Sunday, January 13, 2013


Worrying is a completely useless emotion. It serves no purpose whatsoever.  If you spend all day worrying about something, does that do anything to alter the course of events? No.  Does it make the situation any better or any worse? No.  Worrying only saps the joy out of the current moment. It takes everything away from what IS actually happening and instead focuses everything on what COULD happen.  I used to be quite the worrier.  I think all Type A people tend to be worriers.  We just so desperately want to be in control of everything and fix everything and make everything better.  The reality is - life is NEVER what you expect or have planned.  It throws curveballs every chance it gets.   Over the past few years I have trained myself to only worry about something when it  becomes absolutely necessary to worry about it.  You will know when that time comes.  It comes when there is an obvious definitive action that needs to take place. Up until that point, worrying doesn't solve a thing.  We have had a lot on our plate at Yesteryear Acres lately and I have fallen into the worry trap.  It is an easy thing to do.  Today, I will breathe.  I will take a moment.  I will look at what is happening in the here and now and I will remember....
I shall not worry about something until it is absolutely necessary to worry about it.

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